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Interested in supporting BvB Dallas? Please contact us to get in touch with our BvB Dallas sponsorship chairs.

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Presenting Sponsor $25,000 with market exclusivity
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Platinum Sponsor $7,500
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Silver Sponsor $2,500

BvB Dallas is proud to be associated with the following Sponsors, whose time and financial gifts have helped to further the our mission, touching more lives than we will ever know. BvB would not be possible without their generous support!

Supporters and Sponsors

Check back soon to meet all of our BvB 2015 Sponsors

What’s BvB Dallas?

BvB Dallas is a powder-puff football game hosted for a day of fun, fellowship, philanthropy and enjoyment as a way of raising money and awareness for the Alzheimer’s research and care. Founded by sisters whose father was afflicted by Alzheimer’s, BvB is a personal way for young professionals across the country to raise awareness, funds and support to TACKLE ALZHEIMER’S FOREVER.

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