BvB Dallas is a powder-puff football game and fundraiser hosted for a day of fun, fellowship, philanthropy and enjoyment as a way of raising money for Alzheimer’s Disease research and awareness. Founded by sisters whose father was afflicted by Alzheimer’s, BvB is a personal way for young professionals across the country to raise awareness, funds and support to TACKLE ALZHEIMER’STM FOREVER. BvB Dallas has been the most successful game on and off the field, raising more than $2.8 million and recruiting over 1,000 volunteers for the cause.

The 10th Annual BvB Dallas Powder-Puff Football Game will be held at the Cotton Bowl at Fair Park on Saturday, August 12th. Kick-Off will be held at 7:30pm and the after-party will be held on the front steps of the stadium immediately following the game.


The total “fee” to join BvB Dallas is $100. 
All $100 will be allocated to your overall fundraising goal!


During the registration process please make sure you choose the “FREE” option. After registration, you will receive a confirmation page on your browser that will prompt you to create a Flipcause Fundraising page. You will then need to donate $100 to your personal fundraising website that will serve as your registration fee.  Can’t be easier than that! You will receive a couple of confirmation emails after you’ve completed both registration and your fundraising page – check your junk folder if you don’t seem them.

After you register, if you’d like to check out your new Flipcause fundraising page, we encourage you to dress it up, including uploading pictures, and BvB YouTube Videos. Be sure to add your own personal story, and go ahead and set that goal for $1,250+!

If you have questions related to registration please email


We will fund-raise through Flipcause this year – it’s a super neat new online portal with lots of bells and whistles.

ORIENTATION: MAY 7th, 8th & 9th

As a reminder, we do not begin fundraising until after orientation. You must attend an orientation (Sunday, May 7th – Rookies & Vets Combined, Monday, May 8th – Rookies or Tuesday, May 9th – Vets – more details to come) to learn about Flipcause and fundraising activities this year before soliciting donations. If you have a corporate sponsor opportunity that you want to explore now, please contact our sponsorship team at

At orientation, we will walk you through what you can expect for the summer!  We will include information related to practices, fundraising, securing sponsorship, our 2017 beneficiaries and much more. All of the content you will be provided is created from our amazing 2017 BvB Leadership team.

An official BvB photographer will be onsite to take your headshot for the website, your Flipcause fundraising page and game day programs.